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Acoustiblok Australia started in 2011 by the director Stephen Nolan. Although Acoustiblok Inc. had been up and running for around 15 years, these fantastic products were not available in Australia. An opening was available for a top end sound barrier which has won awards along the way.

A material so revolutionary it was awarded in the British House of Commons the prestigious John Connell Award for Technology by the United Kingdom’s Noise Abatement Society. “A revolutionary soundproofing material is to make an impact on noise abatement.” – Lord Whitty.

“I started the company as a part time business in 2011. I had a construction supervisor’s job and would answer the enquiries in the afternoon once I got back from my day job. After about 2 years of running the business, I decided to go full time and have never looked back. The products we supply are of the finest quality and are made to last a long time. It has been a fascinating journey with many happy customers along the way. We now have started to install secondary glazing which fits in with the business as we now offer a complete package including installs of our products.”

Stephen Nolan
Acoustiblok® Australia

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