Acoustic Windows and Doors

  Over the recent years, double glazed windows and doors are commonly thought of to protect and beautify homes worldwide. Double glazed windows

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The Effects of Manufactured Noise

Loud sounds and noises are responsible for partial deafness and total loss of hearing. When a person loses the sense of hearing, there

By | July 6th, 2016|0 Comments

Noisy Neighbours Plus Droning Air Conditioning Units Equal Sleep Deprivation

Living in an apartment complex does have its advantages, however, there are cons to this concept, especially if the walls are paper thin.

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How Loud Noises From Machinery Can Have Astonishing Affects On Your Hearing

Industrial noise can be an aggravating sound. There’s racket coming from trucks backing up, large operating equipment, generators and foremen. If involved in

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Tips That Reduce Industrial Machinery Noise

Industrial noises can be a nuisance, but it’s a major part of the construction business. Without protection, you are putting yourself at risk

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How Noisy Night Clubs Affect Their Neighbours

I once thought about what would it be like living in those apartments by the beach, but they were right next to this

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Can You Turn the Noise Down?

Damages to the ears can have immeasurable downfalls. Most don’t even think about the noise level or the length of time spent listening

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