Acoustiblok Product Sound Sealant

Acoustiblok® Sound Sealant.

Acoustiblok Sound Sealant is a fire-rated caulk with superior acoustical isolation properties, formulated to bond to Acoustiblok material. All joints and penetrations in Acoustiblok material must be sealed, to obtain rated sound reduction values. Available in 10 oz tubes.
Sound reduction installations require as airtight of a seal possible. Provides excellent sealing properties and decouples adjacent surfaces, helping to minimize structural sound transmission. Very flexible and maintains its flexibility over time. Specifically formulated to work with the Acoustiblok Sound Isolation Material.

  • Room Stripped Back Ready For Acoustiblok® Sound Proof Material

What Makes Acoustiblok® Sound Sealant The Ultimate Sound Proofing Solution?

Acoustiblok Acoustical Sound Sealant is UL Classified R9732; UL 723. An effective one part, non-flammable latex based product formulated to reduce sound transmission in all types of wall partition systems. By design Acoustiblok Acoustical Sound Sealant creates and maintains Sound Transmission Class (STC) in applications where it is required yet remains permanently flexible.

Acoustiblok® Sound Sealant.
Technical Information

What makes Acoustiblok Sound Sealant the top choice for sound proofing materials is that it works. Acoustiblok Acoustical Sound Sealant is UL Classified R9732; UL 723. An effective one part, non-flammable latex based product formulated to reduce sound transmission in all types of wall partition systems. By design Acoustiblok Acoustical Sound Sealant creates and maintains Sound Transmission Class (STC) in applications where it is required yet remains permanently flexible.

Product Information Specifications
Colour White
Non-flammable 0% Flammability
Adhesion Strong (To most surfaces)
Application Quick & Easy To Apply
After Applied Won’t harden, stain or migrate
Percent Non-Volatile by weight: 82%
Percent Shrinkage ASTM C-733-87: 28%
Weight per gallon, approximate: 13.5 lb./gal
Weather Resistance ASTM C-732-82: No washout Discoloration, loss of adhesion or cracking after 500 hours of weathering
Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM C-734-82: Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM C-734-82:
pH 8.0
Usable after package aging Freeze–thaw stability
ASTM C-731-187: 16.1 grams/second
Volatile Organic Content: 50 grams/liter
Acoustiblok Sound Sealant

A Trusted Noise Reduction Product. Customer Case Study

At the new Ko’olani luxury condominium, Acoustiblok® was built into the penthouse floors. The results were so outstanding that the developer/builder has now required that the Acoustiblok® floor system be used in all units having solid floors.

Acousti-Blanket® Is The Perfect Sound Reduction Product For:

  • Building Sites
  • Power Generators
  • Power Compressors
  • Industrial Noise
  • Large AC Units
  • Race Tracks
  • Railway Lines
  • Schools
  • Indoor Arenas
  • Airports
  • Mining Operations
  • Civil & Road Works
  • Child Care Centres
  • Recording Studios
  • Music Events
  • Kennels

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