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Acoustic Windows (Sound Proof Windows)

Acoustiblok® Acoustic Windows have been specifically designed to reduce up to 10dB of unwanted external noise which in most cases equates to 50% – 70% reduction in noise.

Our Acoustic (Soundproof) Windows are a superior option if you’re really looking to block unwanted external noise from your home, office or building. Other noise reduction products like roller shutters, cheap double glazed glass and heavy glass in many cases only reduce sound of up to 20%. Our unique “secondary glazing” Acoustic windows are an amazing solution that not only reduces noise of around 50% or more, but are a much more affordable option too.

Here are just a few reasons why our soundproof Acoustic secondary glazed windows can benefit you and shield your home from unwanted noise:

– No need to remove existing windows or doors. Our Acoustic Window product is easily added as a secondary glazing to your existing window setup.

– It is more affordable than double glazing and out performs in noise control

– You can reduce unwanted external noise by up to 50%-70%

– It is Energy Efficient and can rescue heat gain and heat loss from your windows by up to 50%.

– It is a quick and easy to install. The job is completed fast with no window or sill damage.

– All of our windows use minimum 6.38mm laminated glass and acoustic seals for maximum performance.

The markets that commonly use Acoustiblok® Acoustic windows are:

– Residential / homes
– Commercial Buildings
– Hotels / Serviced Apartments

What makes us unique from other window companies is that we specialise in noise reduction and have specific tools to test the effectiveness of our products. Our ability to provide fast, affordable and great services is second to none. Our  professional team boasts many years of experience in the sound abatement industry and we pride our selves on providing excellent service.

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What Makes Acoustiblok® Acoustic Windows The Ultimate Sound Proofing Solution?

Acoustiblok® Acoustic Windows are an amazing secondary glazing product that is used nation-wide to effectively and significantly reduce sound.The Acoustic Windows aid to a 50% noise reduction which is a 10-decibel drop in the perceived noise level. The windows work as well as if it was a brick veneer wall. The Acoustic Windows energy efficient glazing system is equally as good as replacement double glazed windows for improving wall sound, thermal and glass window insulation. There is no need for you to replace or remove your existing windows, just talk to Acoustiblok® about installing thermal insulation for energy rated, efficient windows and glazing.

Acoustiblok® Acoustic Windows.
Technical Information

What makes Acoustiblok® Acoustic Windows the top choice for sound proofing home, office, hotel, motel, apartment or commercial building windows is that they work. They are a proven-to-work solution credited and certified through individual laboratory tests. Sound reduction reports highlight the incredible reduction in dB sound when a Acoustiblok® Acoustic Windows have been applied to reduce noise pollution.

Product Information Specifications
Noise Reduction 50% – 70% Reduction*
dB Reduction 10dB*
Gross dimensions Custom sizes available on special order.
Weight Varies based on window size.
Window Construction 6.38mm laminated glass and acoustic seals
* * Varies on cases by case basis. 50%-70% figure taken from actual dB levels of average install sound reduction levels.
Acoustic Windows Technical Information

A Trusted Noise Reduction Product For All Windows. Customer Case Study

Steve installed Acoustiblok® Acoustic Windows into both his office and his home (for all main bedrooms) to help reduce the unwanted road and vehicle noise heard on the nearby street. Instantly by installing the windows the sound was completely gone and the house and office are now completely noise free.

Steve Nolan (Cornubia, Brisbane, Australia) Case Study

Acoustiblok® Acoustic Windows Are The Perfect Sound Reduction Product For:

  • Home Windows
  • Residential Windows
  • Office Windows
  • Commercial Building Windows
  • Restaurant Windows
  • Cafe Windows
  • Apartment Windows
  • Hotel Windows
  • Motel Windows
  • Acoustic Windows
  • Reduce External Road Noise
  • Reduce External Park / Playground Noise
  • Reduce Excessive Neighbour Noise
  • Reduce External Party Noise
  • Reduce External Office And City Noise
  • Gyms & Private Rooms
  • Health Practices / Massage Rooms
  • Night Clubs & High Noise Areas
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Child Care Centres

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