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AcoustiGrip Tape©

AcoustiGrip Tape© is specially formulated to form a permanant bond with Acoustiblok material.

Ordinary tape will adhere to Acoustiblok, but releases within a few days due to elasticizers in the Acoustiblok® material. All joints and penetrations in Acoustiblok® material must be sealed, to obtain rated sound reduction values.

AcoustiGrip Tape (2″ x 180′, 2 .0 mil thk.) is specifically formulated to work with the Acoustiblok Sound Isolation Material and permanently bond to the most demanding surfaces. U.L. recognized and CSA accepted.

NOTE: A.C. foil, duct and other tapes may not remain bonded to Acoustiblok® long term; don’t jeopardize the sound reduction results of your installation. Use only proven Acoustiblok products!

  • Acoustiblok Sound Proof Materials Commercial Industrial

What Makes Acoustiblok The Ultimate Sound Proofing Solution?

Acoustiblok® is a 3mm viscoelastic polymer which is an award winning sound proofing material that is used world-wide to effectively and significantly reduce sound through walls, fences, ceilings, floors and other unique spaces where it is applied As Seen On TV, Acoustiblok® has been featured on National Geographic’s ‘Show Down Of The Unbeatables’ and has proven the amazing effectiveness of the product when put to the sound reduction test. The Acoustiblok® 3mm vibrates from sound and transforms the acoustical energy into inaudible friction energy. This material contains no barium and is made from 90% recyclable, organic material.

AcoustiGrip Tape.
Technical Information

What makes AcoustiGrip Tape© the top choice for sound proofing materials is that it works. AcoustiGrip Tape© is a high performance acrylic tape formulated for acid resistance and adhesion to polyolefin’s. The tape’s adhesive exhibits high initial tack and has the ultimate adhesion. AcoustiGrip© tape is a nominal calliper semi-bleached super calendared craft sheet that is 150g SC.

Product Information Specifications
Face Description 0023 white polypropylene TC
Face stock service temp range -20F to 140F (-29 to 60C)
Adhesive P1480
Adhesive type Permanent Acrylic
Loop tack 3.5lb/in
Peel adhesion 5.0lb/in
Sheer 1.0hr
Application temp range 40F to 120F
Service temp range -20F to 302F
Acoustiblok Walls, Ceilings & Floors
Acoustiblok Sound Proof Materials Boat Marine
Acoustiblok Sound Proof Materials Automotive Car
Room Stripped Back Ready For Acoustiblok® Sound Proof Material

A Trusted Noise Reduction Product For All Uses. Customer Case Study

“Although this project was not our first time with installing Acoustiblok, it definitely gave us the most exposure. We designed the home theater for a house selected in the local “Parade of Homes”. The room itself posed several acoustical challenges, but with the assistance of the staff at Acoustiblok, we solved them all. Another home also had a media room but was not treated with Acoustiblok. Finally the day arrived for the homes to be showcased. The reactions of the people streaming through the homes were entertaining. Everyone that came into the home treated with the Acoustiblok asked where the home theater was located. They stated they could hear the other home theater from out on the street. They were amazed and impressed they could not hear the home theater in the Acoustiblok treated home even though the theater was “booming” continuously. The product works great. We will continue recommending it in all of our projects.”

Jim Green

AcoustiGrip Tape© Is The Perfect Sound Reduction Product For:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Music Rooms
  • Media Rooms
  • Marine Use
  • Automotive Use
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential Use
  • Fencing
  • Civil & Road Works
  • Child Care Centres
  • Schools
  • Large Events
  • Night Clubs & High Noise Areas

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