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Acoustiblok Inc. recently performed an acoustical assessment of offshore oil platforms at the request of a Fortune 100 oil company. Extremely high noise levels have become a great concern regarding health and safety of workers in this industry. The Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panel will no doubt be part of our recommendation as well as mechanical vibration isolation. Acoustiblok is using the new Cadna-A Acoustical Prediction software in conjunction within field measurements to develop solutions to these Acoustical problems.
An oil platform is one of the most hostile environments on Earth, with corrosive salt spray, high winds, extremes of hot and cold, and of course petrochemicals and solvents – and any exposed material that is easily damaged by impact will not last long. Designed for harsh environments and industrial applications, Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels are the ideal solution for oil platform noise control.

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What Makes Acoustiblok® The Ultimate Sound Proofing Solution For Commercial / Industrial Uses?

Acoustiblok® is a 3mm viscoelastic polymer which is an award winning sound proofing material that is used world-wide to effectively and significantly reduce sound through walls, fences, ceilings, floors and other unique spaces where it is applied. As Seen On TV, Acoustiblok® has been featured on National Geographic’s ‘Show Down Of The Unbeatables’ and has proven the amazing effectiveness of the product when put to the sound reduction test. The Acoustiblok® 3mm vibrates from sound and transforms the acoustical energy into inaudible friction energy. This material contains no barium and is made from 90% recyclable, organic material. This absorption significantly reduces any reverberation leaving the surrounding space quiet and noise free.

A Trusted Noise Reduction Product For Commercial / Industrial Sound Proofing. Customer Case Study

“Located at Escazu, on the hills of the west side of San Jose, the most exclusive vertical condominium to date is under construction. Valle del Tamarindo is the name of the project and comprehends a 9 stories high building which houses 12 condos and 2 penthouses. Each condo is 5.000 sq/feet, and the penthouses are 10.000 sq/feet, constructions in 2 levels. The project houses the highest international standards regarding construction, security and finishes.
Privacy is a very important issue, especially in 6 figure homes. Where its vertical nature, masonry can not be used on all internal walls due to weight and structural limitations. Costa Rica is a located in a very active seismic zone.

The options considered common use construction materials in several configurations with multiple layers or improving the simple gypsum wall with an Acoustiblok liner. Once the developer considered the options, the labor required for each configuration, and indirect costs, the best investment choice considering soundproofing benefits was the Acoustiblok option. Acoustiblok presented a STC52 rating in a very easy and fast way to do it.

Most of the bedroom and bathroom walls are considered critical and are treated. Walls dividing kitchen and dining areas, as well as laundry areas are commonly treated zones as well. Each apartment owner has also added his choice for specific treatments: offices, gyms, dens, yoga rooms, etc…

To the right is my preliminary results of the performance of the Tamarindo Valley walls. Each wall is a composed by 1 layer of 1/2 inch gypsum, 3 inches metal stud, fiberglass filling , 1 layer acoustiblok and the other gypsum layer, sealed and painted. The walls run from the floor all the way to floor ceiling assembly of the upper story.

Our firm feels really proud to be part of such a high end project and having fulfilled the developers’ requirements on such a sensitive topic.

Francisco Brenes

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Acoustiblok® Is The Perfect Sound Proofing Product For:

  • Automotives
  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Motorbikes
  • Trucks / Utes
  • Vans
  • Trailers
  • Camper Vans
  • Motor Homes
  • Engine Bay Areas
  • Car Floor / Carpet Area
  • Boot Space
  • Car Speaker Area
  • Car Ceiling
  • Car Doors
  • Car Bonnet

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